Anna Funk is a Web Designer who started putting animated cat gifs on web pages in the late 90s.

Hire Me

As a professional web designer and developer, I have an appreciation for addiction to interesting challenges.

I‘m primarily a designer; I love sitting at my computer and pushing around pixels. Talk to me about grids, typography, color theory and usability (I go a little crazy over those things). I’m pretty good at coding out the things I design, too. There’s something about bringing my designs to life that makes me happier than a… Well, simile isn’t my forte, so we’ll just say that I really like coding websites.

I’m also a complete perfectionist. When I’m not working, I’m absorbed in research on the newest design trends, the best coding practices, and the most efficient working habits. I’ve been called “obsessed,” but I love what I do, and the key to success is to never stop asking, “Is there a better way to do this?